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    Innovative thinking research products
    Wisdom dedication and passion make a career



Manufacture for your electronic components and equipment

Electronic Manufacturing services (EMS) refers to a manufacturing industry that provides a series of services such as manufacturing, procurement, design, logistics and even after-sales maintenance by outsourcing and entrusting electronic product brands. Includes the complete OEM and ODM processes,EMS and ODM(OriginalDesign and Manufacturing, It is a manufacturer that orders and manufactures products according to customers’ needs and sells them under customers’ brands. It is designed and developed by itself. OEM(The manufacturer produces products according to customers’ needs, covering functions, quality and styles. This is also the use of customer word-of-mouth marketing) belong to the three business models of electronic manufacturing outsourcing industry. EMS is the highest of the three modes, including most of the links in the production chain, aiming to provide design, production, inspection, procurement and other services for the whole process of the production chain.

Electronic product design

At the beginning of concept design and development, we are immediately involved in prototyping and producing samples through accurate engineering testing. In order to shorten the product development time and reduce the cost, we have introduced the product lifecycle management platform, so that the cost, quality and time in the design process are perfectly controlled.

In the early days of co-design, HHY set up a project management team based on customer requirements, combining expertise and experience throughout the product development process. By synchronizing the manufacturing process of product design, and transforming it into detailed product specifications, processing, electrical performance and appearance requirements, then using 3D software to establish product model, integrating Auto CAD/UG/Pro/E, finally using structured analysis technology to simulate product design and improve product quality and reliability



Engineering development

Material development technology: PC, ABS PC/ABS Blends thermo-mechanical effect recovery and material recovery technology, plastic material analysis and the database is built, the bond database is built.
Metal PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY: STAMPING technology upgrade project, stamping die online monitoring and dynamic adjustment system development
Plastic INJECTION MOLDING TECHNOLOGY: INJECTION MOLDING cavity PRESSURE and temperature analysis and monitoring mechanism development, GAS-assisted injection molding process introduction plan

Raw material procurement and management

Strictly control the quality and performance of raw materials and components, which directly affect the quality and performance of finished products
Strictly control the price of raw materials, parts and components, and delivery time, which directly affect the cost and delivery time of finished products
Procurement INFORMATION MANAGEMENT -ERP and E-COMMERCE efficient procurement management to provide reliable support for information technology systems

The content of raw material procurement management
Using MPR tool to achieve JIT procurement
Implement ABC classification management for purchased materials
Implement information management for procurement -ERP and e-commerce

Control of raw material purchasing cost
Determine the procurement channel to reduce the intermediate circulation link
Control quality and reduce purchasing loss cost

Control of raw material inventory
Raw material inventory control and financial expenses
Ensure minimum raw material inventory
Tailored to the supplier’s sales strategy


Production and manufacturing

Mobility, flexibility, innovation
Over the past few years, HHY has accumulated rich experience in component manufacturing, complete production and supply chain, advanced R&D capabilities, strict quality control, and perfect IT system. HHY aims to provide the shortest delivery service.

To meet customer requirements on price, delivery and service, HHY introduced information System design, improved MES (Manufacturing Execution System), integrated 8thManage@FAS, SAP Business One and remote real-time network monitoring management, It greatly improves the efficiency of production management, while creating more flexible value throughout the manufacturing process.

The advanced process reform system greatly increases the added value of everyone, shortens the inventory and the whole production cycle, thus realizing the lean production. Continuously improve product quality and reduce product cost. High quality, low cost is our core competitiveness.

Product testing

In every step of producing electronic products, HHY regards quality as the most important commitment to its customers. For quality inspection, HHY into careful planning, the introduction of Europe, America, Japan advanced detection equipment, provide the chemical analysis included environmental regulation, test electronic components and products, electronic products environmental test and reliability engineering application service, electromagnetic compatibility testing and instrument and equipment calibration, testing with high reliability, provide customer the most perfect service, Won the affirmation of customers. Responding to the rise in environmental awareness, the EU passed its Restriction on the Use of Hazardous Substances Law in 2003. RoHS and Waste from Electronic and Electric Equipment (WEEE). As a member of the green supply chain, HHY will not only promote lead-free Electronic products, but also fully cooperate with customers’ requirements on heavy metal control. Since 2012, we have comprehensively promoted the control of banned substances and issued a statement on the policy of reducing or exempting harmful substances.


After-sales service

No error, fast response, service continuity
We will provide you with reliable spare parts service, rapid maintenance service and comprehensive product service, and we will be your reliable partner after supply